The Concept

While the audience will rarely notice good sound design, they will always notice when it's poor.  It's a challenge for some of the following organizations:

  • Theatres.
  • Schools.
  • Community theatre.
  • Amateur productions
  • Tourist attractions
  • Museums.

This due to limited budgets being unable to hire a sound designer.

Nothing can properly replace professionally created sound cues and/or soundscapes in a production.  A fine production should not suffer with mediocre sound due to finances.  GP PixelWorks will provide a professional sound design for your theatre production with our unique "E-Sound Design Service."

The Process

  • You provide the script and any conceptual ideas.
  • A Sound Cue Breakdown sheet with descriptions of possible sound cues is created and sent to you.
  • You review and revise (as necessary) the Sound Cue Breakdown sheet.
  • Based on your revision comments, all sound cues are created and delivered  either electronically or on CD via Royal Mail.
  • You listen and review the show sound and provide feedback for any adjustments required.
  • Adjustments are made to your specifications and the final sound design is delivered (electronically or on CD)

The Service

The e-Sound Design Service is not the same as hiring a sound designer.  I do not attend technical rehearsals.  No sound system hook-up diagrams or sound system support will be provided.

The final show sound can be provided for in one of two ways:

  1. Fully configured and tested to be played on Show Cue Systems automated show software.  This is the best option if your production company already has access to a standard PC.  The entire sound design is automated and plays exactly as design each time.  You also have the ability to set levels for each cue, save it and no further adjustments are required.  If someone is comfortable with computers, they will be able to make some adjustments to the sound cues if necessary (make backups first!). Requires a computer with minimum requirements.  Please pay special attention to the sound card requirements.
  2. Show sound provided on CD for playing with standard CD playback equipment.

No published music will be provided for a production ­ even if called for in the script. The production company must purchase any published music and is solely responsible for obtaining the rights to use the music. Original and stock compositions for a production are available. Contact us for fees.

Of course, should you require the traditional sound designer services, please contact me for further details. .

Planning Your Sound Cues

  1. Provide copy of your script.  This may be send as an electronic copy (PDF, TXT, RTF format. Microsoft Word files are not accepted) or a hard copy sent at your expense by post.   Advise of any cuts, additions, or alterations you are planning to make to the script. Finally include your conceptual ideas concerning the production. (i.e. a post-apocalyptic version of Macbeth).
  2. Using this information, the script is analysed and sound cues located.  No sound files are created at this stage. You will then receive (by email file attachment) a Sound Cue Breakdown sheet. This sheet will detail each sound cue, the page number it occurs on, a name for the sound cue, the line in the script when the cue begins, the line when the cue ends, and a detailed description of the sound cue.

  3. You review and revise these cues: making changes, additions, or cuts as you see fit. You are also free to add new cues.  You'll be  provided with an easy to use Sound Cue Breakdown Revision sheet.  Return the Sound Cue Breakdown Revision sheet.  This is the only opportunity for free design changes to be made.


    1. Don't worry, minor design changes can still be made later. However, any significant design changes made later have an attached fee (see below).  Significant design changes include:
      1. Additional new cues.
      2. Significant changes in the content of an existing cue.  An example of a significant change in content would be changing a locomotive from a steam engine to a diesel engine..
  4. Within 10 days, the changes will be made and you will be sent a new, updated Sound Cue Breakdown sheet.
  5. Review the new Sound Cue Breakdown sheet for accuracy, initial and return via post.

Sound Cues Completed:

  1. Within 10 days, all your sound cues will be created.  The sound cues will then be delivered to you either electronically or burned to CD and sent via Royal Mail and a CD Revision Sheet.
  2. Listen and review the sound cues and detail any changes required within the structure of the cue. Structural changes are: changing the length, perspective (i.e. nearer or farther away, panning, etc.), or mix (i.e. in a train station ambient sound, the crowd needs to be louder/quieter).  This is the only opportunity for free edits to be made for the physical audio files.
  3. Within 10 days, all revisions will be completed and the final sound cues will be sent (electronically or by Royal Mail on CD) your production.  The standard E-Sound Design package is now complete.  (If you still require changes of any type, there will be additional fees from this point forward.)

e-Sound Design Fees

Then entire service, as described above, is invoiced at £150.

A non-refundable payment of £75 is due before prior to work commencing on the first Sound Cue Break Down Sheet. The remaining balance must be paid before delivery of the final sound cues,

This fee includes shipping of CDs by Royal Mail First Class.  If faster shipping methods are required then other arrangements will be made at additional cost.  The only additional fees would result when:

  • Design changes are made after the final Sound Cue Breakdown Sheet has been initialled. (Step 2 in the section "Sound Cues Completed," above.)
  • Any additional shipping charges.

Optional Fees

  • Show Cue Systems Standard version (automated show playback software) for new clients and purchased through GP PixelWorks. It is the productions company's responsibility to verify your computer meets the requirements in order to run Sound Cue Systems Lite.
    • Subsidised price: £12
  • Change/edit sound cue after Sound Cue Breakdown sheet is approved (initialled).  Payment prior to delivery of edited sound cue:
    • For a single sound cue:   £15
      • Electronic delivery (email, ftp, etc.): No charge
      • Burning of show CD and delivery by 1st Class Royal Mail:   £30
    • A group of changes submitted at the same time:
      • First sound cue:   £15
      • Each additional sound cue   £10/each
      • Electronic delivery (email, ftp, etc): No charge
      • Burning of show CD and delivery by 1st class Royal Mail:   £30

You will be contacted for confirmation prior to any change(s) that would incur additional fees.

Get a Great Sound Design or Soundscape

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